How does one get her brush around a subject so big (literally), with so much legacy (Canada), with my Dad, a mountain-master for a companion? Check known skills at the trail head. Carry paintboxes, water and sandwiches. Close mouth at mountain awesomeness, put head down and wobble through inclement weather sketches, sundrying gradations and tender tips from a master Dad. We hiked and painted steadily for a week at a time, stalking the locations of J.E.H Macdonald, who painted there for seven autumns between 1924 and 1930. We returned to Lake O'Hara for three consecutive summers. 

Yoho National Park sits nestled on the western slope of the continental divide, in southeastern British Columbia. The name Yoho comes from the Cree word expressing amazement. Yoho and all of the Canadian Rockies Parks are a world heritage site. "I had a little cabin, with cedar walls and floors, with mountains in the window, and spruces at the door."(J.E.H. Macdonald, journal entry, 1927)